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Khaleeq ur Rehman when he wrote his first poem

Khaleeq ur Rehman is a young poet living in Islamabad. He is one of the most modern poets of  Pakistan. He belongs to a noble family. He has published two books of poems Kanwal Jheel Ka Geet and Daman e Koh Main Sham which were most appriciated in literary circles. He was born in Farooqabad (Sheikhupura)and is residing and serving in Islamabad. He wa s educated in Sheikhupura and Islamabad. He done his Master in Urdu Language and Literature in 2002. He has been associated with Halqa Arbab e Zauq ,Islamabad.

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Khaleeq with his two uncles (Mamoos)

khaliq with Manshayad & Manzar Naqvi

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Khaleeq ur Rehman

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